Class Action

Consumer Class Action

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What is a Consumer Class Action?

A consumer class action is a legal action brought on behalf of a large number of people with similar legal claims involving common questions of law and fact. They share a common interest and are joined together in a group (the class) to sue a wrongdoer, usually a company or an organization. Their legal claims are advocated by a class action lawyer who files the lawsuit as the attorney for a class representative – a single individual who is a member of the class and as such represents the interests of the class during the pendency of the litigation. Class action lawsuits usually involve a consumer product, a fraudulent or misleading business practice, or a deceptive financial practice. Many consumer class actions involve financial issues such as improper billing practices, overcharges, and failure to honor warranties. We provide many years of experience in consumer class actions. Our firm has represented consumers against a variety of industries and sectors. If you have been harmed by a corporation’s illegal or fraudulent business practices and would like to discuss your legal rights, please contact us today.